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Stop-and-go city traffic takes a toll on a car’s brakes. It subjects them to constant usage and high operating temperatures that can lead to reduced performance. Highway driving is a bit better, but not much, as you have the added threat of slowing and stopping from high-speed. 

Regardless of where you do most of your driving or what type of vehicle you drive, you definitely want to be able to stop quickly whenever the need arises. Come to Tilden Car Care Center for brake service in Raleigh, NC, and our technicians will make sure your brakes are right as rain (and perform great in it too!). By choosing to have the work done by our experienced technicians, you will have confidence that when you press the pedal you will benefit from smooth and effective brake. 

Sorting Out the Problem

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “When should I replace my brakes?” the answer is pretty much as soon as that thought crosses your mind. It’s generally some fault or decrease in braking performance that triggers a question like that in the first place. Don’t take chances; bring your car to us.

There are many problems that can occur with an automotive braking system due to the wear and tear it faces daily. If you’ve experienced any of the following issues, it’s time to have your brakes checked:

  • Delayed Stopping Time
  • Slow Brake Response
  • Brake Lights Not Turning Off
  • Grinding and Squealing Noises
  • Irregular Braking Movements

We will trace the issue and resolve it quickly because we know how inconvenient it is to be without a vehicle. It may only need something simple, or your car may need an extensive brake repair job, but regardless of the issue, we’ve got the skills and equipment to get you confidently back to life in the fast lane.

Brake Repair Service in Raleigh, NC

Stopping Problems Before They Start

You shouldn’t wait until your car’s stopping distance increases dramatically or your brakes are grinding loudly to think about having work done. Being proactive and getting your brake pads replaced as maintinence service is the way to go. We’ll incorporate a brake inspection as part of your regular auto repair package so you’re assured of safe performance.

No matter how often or how little you drive your car, truck, or SUV, you are going to wear out your brakes eventually. The very act of braking causes the brake pads to wear down and reduces their effectiveness over time. When the moment comes that it’s time for brake pad replacement, we are ready to do the job.

Make an appointment with us today to have your brakes serviced. We are proud to serve motorists in Raleigh, NC, and the surrounding area.